How can i connect my ipod touch to my wifi service?

Answer In addition to its touch screen and the advanced games and applications you can use on it, the way the iPod Touch separates itself from other iPods is that it can be connected to WiFi. Once connect... Read More »

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I can't connect to wifi on my new iPod touch?

When trying to connect, go close to the router, where it has full connection. Try turning the router off and back on. If it doesn't work after that try turning off the iPod, and putting into aeropl... Read More »

Why can't I get my IPod touch to connect to certain wifi networks?

I haven't had this issue on my iPod Touch but I have had this happen to my iPhone. The reason why I think it doesn't really work on my iPhone is because I dropped it in the toilet, but hey, at leas... Read More »

My ipod touch use to connect to the wifi router but now it doesent?

You can try below steps:Mon inserting the SIM card, turn on the router and wait for all symbols on, log into the router from the browser in your computer with the information on the back. You will ... Read More »

My ipod touch wont connect to wifi at home, it says "unable to join network" why?……… see here