How can i completely clean my hard drive without re-installing windows.?

Answer I am assuming that you want to clear out the deleted content off your drive...there are a few different methods to do this...but, you must be careful...backup & test any critical data first.Method ... Read More »

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How do I completely clean Windows off a hard drive?

Insert a Windows installation CD into the computer's CD or DVD drive. Restart the computer. At the start-up, you will see a message on the screen listing the key that you have to hit to enter the B... Read More »

How to Completely Erase a Hard Drive Clean?

Click "Start." Click "Computer." Locate the icon for the drive you want to format. Right-click on it, and click "Format" to open the native Windows drive formatting ut... Read More »

Is it possible to completely wipe your hard drive clean?

It depends on who's trying to find things on your hard drive.

Installing windows 7 on Hard Drive?

Did you install this new drive yourself?Make sure that the SATA cables are seated properly on the drive. Sound like it is getting power, if you can get the disk in it, but that it is not connected... Read More »