How can i code this in excel Searching a cell in google?

Answer There is a way to use the address info in one or more cells to produce a Hyperlink that when clicked will do either a search in Google, or display the Map location. But this requires not only the ... Read More »

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Please help me understand this (adoptee searching vs not searching)?

I know what you mean... I personally am the middle of the road myself. I have a desire to search, but I know people who don't and I am okay with that. I personally think that people who believe t... Read More »

Why not searching "homepage" in google?

Link worked fine for me but try this

I caught my brother aged 12 searching for sex in google!!?

No, just leave him be. This is pretty normal, actually. Boys go at this stage about this age, so he's just a little curious. Let him search a little, act like its no big deal, and eventually he'... Read More »

What is better yahoo or google for searching ?

I use them both but I think I prefer Yahoo.