How can i clean out my computer (memory and disk)stuff like that?

Answer go to start ,control, panel add/remove programs and you could also do a disk defragment witch takes a long time so be patient start,programs,accesories,system tools, disk defragment or a disk cle... Read More »

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Is there a site that tells you what graphics cards will go into your computer like crucial does with memory?

No you need to read the documentation that came with your PC or check with the manufacturer's Web site unless you are able to tell which type fits in your slot (AGP, PCI, PCI-E) by looking at the m... Read More »

How Can I Restore More Memory to My Computer That Is Low on Memory?

Every computer program or process that is running on your computer requires and uses memory. Your computer has a limited amount of memory depending on what is installed. If you keep opening program... Read More »

How do I clean up computer memory space?

RAMYour computer uses RAM to run programs. The more programs you run simultaneously, the more memory you are using. Closing programs will make more memory available for the processes that are runni... Read More »

How do I clean the physical memory of a computer?

Powering DownClick on "Start > Restart" to restart your computer and clear the physical memory. The computer only stores things in the physical memory while it is running and you are running proces... Read More »