How can i clean a stained mattress?

Answer Although you may have sheets and a mattress pad to cover it, no mattress is safe from being stained by spills. Unfortunately accidents happen, typically while we are asleep, making it difficult to ... Read More »

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How do you clean the outside of your oven door after the self cleaning cycleThe top of the oven door is stained from the burn off after the cycle It is stained?

If you mean "hot" as in "electrically live", this wall outlet is dangerous and should be investigated and repaired urgently by a licensed electrician.The reason is probably that the wire going into... Read More »

How do I clean stained gutters?

PreparationFill a bucket with warm water and 1 tbsp. of dishwashing liquid. Erect a ladder or scaffolding to allow easy access to the gutters. Place the bucket of soapy water, a grout sponge and sc... Read More »

How do i clean stained glass?

Preparing the AreaPlace a layer of paper towels or a bath towel beneath the glass to catch any water or cleanser that drips downward. Mix 1 gallon of distilled water with 1 tbsp of liquid dish soa... Read More »

How to Clean Stained Dentures?

This is an article about how to clean stained dentures... my mom's way. Does this Spark an idea?