How can i check if an a/c compressor is bad?

Answer Compressors are an integral part of any air conditioning unit. Compressors pressurize the coolant chemicals inside the a/c unit, causing the chemical reaction that cools down the air that passes th... Read More »

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How to Check for a Bad A/C Compressor?

Automotive air-conditioning compressors circulate Freon coolant through the system, cooling the interior through air induction using a condenser. This compressor can fail because of age or lack of ... Read More »

How to Check an A/C Compressor?

The air-conditioning compressor in a car pressurizes and pumps refrigerant through the system, cooling the vehicle. Sometimes, however, a compressor can stop working, only to begin blowing hot air ... Read More »

What does a check valve do on an air compressor?

The check valve allows air to go only one way in the compressor, thereby preventing reverse flow. The valve stops air from escaping the tank when the compressor is shut off.References:About Air Com... Read More »

How to Check the Oil on a Craftsman Air Compressor?

If you own a home and like to do your own maintenance or are fond of projects, you're sure to realize the many benefits of owning an air compressor. You can attach air compressors to nail guns, san... Read More »