How can i check how fast my broadband is running?

Answer GO to select Flash 8. If you don't have it, download the plug-in. Then select the closet server and wait for a few minutes for results.

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How fast is Sky Broadband max?

As of 2010, Sky Broadband offers different download packages that have a maximum download rate of 20MBs with 1.3MBs upload speed. The primary difference between the packages is the total amount of ... Read More »

Is USB 1.0 fast enough for broadband Internet?

Yes. USB 1.0 technology is fast enough for broadband Internet. A USB 1.0 port has a maximum band width of 12 megabytes per second. That's faster than some broadband providers offer.References:PC Wo... Read More »

How Fast Should Broadband Be for Watching TV?

If you need to indent the beginning of a paragraph or an entire paragraph in a Microsoft Office 2007 program, you can quickly do so. This is useful if you are writing an essay or report. Microsoft ... Read More »

How to Make Dial-Up As Fast As Broadband?

Dial-up Internet connections generally are slower than broadband, especially if you're trying to watch videos, stream audio or download something. Broadband speeds are much more ideal for doing the... Read More »