How can i change tif to word document ?

Answer You will need an OCR converter to convert the image to a Document. The vary in accuracy. Try one of these:… this helps...Davi... Read More »

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How do I change a Microsoft Works document into a Word document?

Microsoft Office Word 2003Select "Open" from the "File" menu in Microsoft Word. Select "Works 6.0 & 7.0" from the "Files of type" list. Type in the file name in the "File Name" box. Select "Open... Read More »

How Do I Change a Word Document to an Excel Document?

Create your Word document and save it as a .htm or .html file. Go to the “File” drop-down menu and choose “Save As.” Select ".htm" or ".html" in the Save as Type option. Give the document a... Read More »

How do I change a Word document to a PDF document?

Install Add-InDownload the Microsoft Office Save As PDF add-in (link in Resources sections), if you haven't already. Install the add-in by double-clicking on the SaveAsPDF.exe icon and following th... Read More »

How to Change the Format of a Word Document?

Word documents can be opened and edited inside of the Microsoft Word program or an open-source word processing program. Changing the format of a Word document may be necessary if you are sending th... Read More »