How can i burn movies if my computer doesnt have a dvd drive?

Answer Just put in a cd and hope really hard that it'll work!You obviously can't. Think they have dvd drive attachments that you can buy and connect to your current computer (through a usb port?). Other t... Read More »

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Would you pay $600 for HD dvd rewriter drive so you can burn HD dvd movies?


How do I burn movies from a hard drive to a DVD?

Start your DVD authoring software, such as Ulead DVD Factory or DVD Styler. Go to the "File" menu and choose "Import" or a similar option. Browse to the movie file and select it. Make any setting ... Read More »

How do i burn dvd movies on my computer?

you need a software to burn a movie first my advice is to get dvd-fab5 you can find online. all you have to do with that program is put the disc in and click start then when its done you put the bl... Read More »

Why won't my computer burn movies onto a dvd?

The Digital Versatile Disk was created in 1996. The DVD was an improvement in disk storage. Before the invention of DVDs, people stored their information on a floppy diskette or CD-ROM.FeaturesThe ... Read More »