How can i build a good, yet cheap gaming computer?

Answer Here are the MAIN components8200 nvidia 500 shared memory Built in video card. View the motherboard here…Duel core 3.0 ghz amd proccesser Read More »

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How to Build a Cheap Gaming Computer?

Tired of lag and delays on your old computer while playing games? Try these steps to build a cheap and budget gaming computer.

Good Gaming Computer Build?

2 GTX 570's run for $500-$540.The good from an SLI setup such as that one: It will get great FPSThe bad from an SLI setup such as that one:It has the potential to be faultyIt will generate a lot of... Read More »

Is this a good gaming computer build?

Why not get the nice graphics card before the keyboard, mouse, and mousepad? Also, can save a bit of money by going with a better brand but lower wattage power supply. Read More »

How do I build a good/decent gaming computer?

Here is $986 without a keyboard and mouse down the graphics card to a cheaper one, add keyboard and mouse and a headset or amplified speakershttp://www.videocardben... Read More »