How can i break my right arm (ten point 4 best answer)?

Answer easy, just jump off some tall building landing with your armbtw, if anything happen to you please don't blame on mei m just giving an advice. since you ask for it

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SERIOUS MUSIC LOVERS ANSWER (ten point best answer)?

I like a lot of alt rock which is usually upbeat.I also delve in other music.Imagine Dragons IncubusMuseChiodosBilly TalentBiffy ClyroParamoreSkrillexFun.Middle Class RutBand of SkullsThe Black Key... Read More »

How do i flip my toolbar back to the bottom Firts person to answer right gets best answer!?

just drag it down and towards the middle of the bottom of screen

Someone help please i need this answer right now asap!! ! 10 POINTS TO GIVES ME THE BEST ANSWER!?

got to ur email, hit compose, click on add attachment and click browse find your document if you saved it then email it back

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Don't feel bad about not being able to hear about someone in's a common response, and if nothing else, shows you really care. Empathy can bring about a response like you're ... Read More »