How can i become a vegan?

Answer Don't change for a guy. You have to want the change for yourself, girl. To find out about being vegan, google it.

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Why not BECOME vegan?

Actually I plan on becoming one as soon as I get a job & can buy my own food..Also, at the moment I'm a vegetarian, and my parents are both meat eaters. Im giving them time to get used to this befo... Read More »

How to Become a Vegan?

A vegan omeletteFor many people, being vegan is more than simply saying farewell to flesh products. For many vegans, this lifestyle includes adopting a particular mindset that is alert to animal ri... Read More »

How do i become vegan?

um...Jess doesn't have her facts straight. 1-milk and cheese is extremely harmful to the cow (she should actually do a little bit of research on that and she'd see that the dairy industry is actual... Read More »

I want to become vegan...?

Hi there I am vegan and congratulations on making a healthy choice for yourself and for being considerate to the animals and our planet :). Here's my advice: If you truly want to live a vegan lifes... Read More »