How can i be skinny but curvy?

Answer Omg you are 13! Your body is going to fill out soon enough! Just be patient. I don't know why you are worried about it anyway. 13 year olds need to be worried about Hannah Montana and recess not t... Read More »

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Skinny vs curvy what would you choose?

Both are o.k as long as you stay yourself and take care of your body. Some girls are really skinny and very pretty, some are bigger and they look good. It depends on your body type, your bone struc... Read More »

Best figure; curvy or skinny?

How to Get a More Curvy Appearance (Skinny Girls)?

The waist is key....As you look in the mirror you smile... but you look at your body and think about the movie you saw last week, the one with the woman who had drop-to-your-knees curves... and you... Read More »

Do men prefer skinny or curvy women?

I asked this once and got slated for it, most men i know dont like 'skinney' women but they like slim toned sexy women. I personally am a curvy woman and i never have any trouble attracting men and... Read More »