How can i be absolutly SURE that someone on EBAY will not rip me off?

Answer You sound just like me. I was skeptical of Ebay bigtime. I can only tell you that Ebay has a pretty good reputation for preventing rip-off's. One thing I would caution you about. That IS a major pu... Read More »

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If you were absolutly starving?

I would take the lettuce and get as far as I could. people have gone further on less.

What food do you absolutly DESPISE!!!!!/?

Does anybody else absolutly hate those TV licence inspectors?

HOW'S THIS THEN :::::I got so fed up with them keep telling me that I hadn't got one (when I always HAVE had one) and they kept sending me forms to fill in asking about other residents in the house... Read More »


There are 24 million root canals done each year in America. Most of them are done very poorly and are costing Americans not only the cost of doing the work, but costing them dearly in health probl... Read More »