How can i be absolutly SURE that someone on EBAY will not rip me off?

Answer You sound just like me. I was skeptical of Ebay bigtime. I can only tell you that Ebay has a pretty good reputation for preventing rip-off's. One thing I would caution you about. That IS a major pu... Read More »

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How can i be sure that ebay is secure?

good questionyou may not have noticed but on each auction it shows the sellers profile name and ratingyou need to look at the rating (usually in the Top right corner of the bidding page) and see th... Read More »

What's a movie that you are so sure that you will hate forever?

2001: A Space Odyssey. I've got a lot of respect for Kubrick and Clarke but, darn, that movie is the most overrated, boring, and pretentious film I've ever seen in my life. Actually, maybe it's n... Read More »

How do u stop someone that has stole yur credit card number and is using it to purchase on ebay?

call the credit card company and cancel the card. Tell them it was stolen, you are only responsible for 50 dollars to pay the credit card company, even though the person may have maxed it out

When will I know for sure that I am in labor?

Hi that pain in your private area in between your thighs is caused by your body getting ready, this can go on for over a month. It is because your hips are loosening to allow for the passage of you... Read More »