How can i avoid getting my dads stomach bug?

Answer Make sure to just stay away lol get a pillow and hit him with it if he gets near you

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How can I avoid getting stomach cramps when i run?

I believe theres 2 answers to your question. A lot of people think that its what you eat that has an effect on your stomach. i.e. eatting and running too soon.I believe its a combination of Breathi... Read More »

How to Avoid Stomach Burn With Capsaicin?

Together, capsaicin and dihydrocapsaicin are responsible for 80 percent to 90 percent of the heat in a chili pepper. If you eat hot peppers, the capsaicin contained may aid digestion by increasing ... Read More »

Can you avoid vomiting with a stomach virus?

On One Hand: Vomiting Is a Defense MechanismEmesis (vomiting) is a common symptom of viral gastroenteritis. During a viral infection, the stomach is irritated and trying to rid itself of harmful an... Read More »

How to Avoid Stomach Problems in Less Developed Countries?

One of the biggest concerns when traveling overseas is becoming sick from eating food and drinking water that has been contaminated by microorganisms. Even in developed countries, tap water will of... Read More »