How can i apply Creative Commons license to upload a image on Wikipedia?

Answer If you created that image yourself, without using other people's work, then you own the copyright for that work, automatically. The only thing necessary, then, to apply the Creative Commons license... Read More »

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How to Apply the Creative Commons License to Flickr Photographs?

If you love photography, you probably have an account at Flickr. If you would like your Flickr photographs to appear in wikiHow's Free Image Tool, you'll need to apply a Creative Commons License to... Read More »

How to Use Creative Commons License?

Creative Commons LogoWhen you create a written, video, sound recording, or other audio-visual work you have exclusive rights, called copyright, to that work from the time of creation in accordance ... Read More »

How to Choose a Creative Commons License?

Big Buck Bunny and Creative CommonsIf you want to share your content, photographs, or videos with the world, consider alternatives to the traditional copyright. One option is releasing your work in... Read More »

Hoe to upload image from file computer to wikipedia?

I've carefully evaluated your question, "Hoe to upload image...", and I think I've found the perfect answer for you.Here is a perfect hoe to upload:…Good l... Read More »