How can i amputat my leg and make it look like an accident?

Answer lay down with one leg on a train track let the train do the work for you..tell the insurance company that you tripped

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How to cut yourself and make it look like a accident?

Once i cut the top of my arm, across..and when asked what happened, i said i got cut on a nail under my desk or a branch outside in the bushes (: or cuts on your legs can also look like they are fr... Read More »

How Can I Break My TV, But Make It Look Like an Accident?

You could leave it by the window so the sun melts some of the wires..if your mom asks why is the tv by the window just tell her that u wanted to move it around.

How do I make a broken computer screen look like an accident?

well don't break it even more!! Leave it as it is now.. if they noticed what's wrong, just tell them you don't notice a difference.

How to ruin your cell phone and make it look like an accident?

let your dog get a hold of it or put in in the washing machine and say it was in your pocket