How can i achieve this look?

Answer I'd download GIMP. It's just like Photoshop except for the fact that it's free. She obviously didn't take a picture and have it end up looking like that without editing...She used a Sunburst brush ... Read More »

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How to Look Like a Vampire - Tips to Achieve the "Twilight" Look?

Back in the day, vampires, or the people who liked to dress up as vampires on Halloween, were mostly white paint, plastic teeth and a black cape. That changed in the '90s when vampires suddenly bec... Read More »

How to Achieve the Vintage Look in Photoshop?

Can you tell when this photo was taken?You don't have to be an expert in Photoshop to do something a little different with a picture. One way to set it apart is to give it a "vintage" look, as if t... Read More »

How to achieve doll lash look?

I like Covergirl Natureluxe mascara. If you keep coating it on, your lashes get extremely long and voluminous!

How to Achieve a Dewy Look with Makeup?

Dewy, glowing skin projects a look of radiance. Even if your skin doesn't naturally look this way, faking it with the right cosmetic products is possible. With the array of cosmetics available on t... Read More »