How can i Pierce my ear without a needle or gun?

Answer THROUGH SHEER WILL! THE POWERS OF TELEKINESIS! *would* you pierce your ear without a needle of gun?You're going to need one of those to do it. You can't just wish a hole in your ear.

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Should i pierce my ears with a needle?

No dont do it with a needle thers medicine that can help with the infection until its healed just go and pierce your ear again Infections happen to alot of people the first time they pierce their e... Read More »

How to Pierce Your Ear Without a Gun?

These are the steps you use if your planning to pierce your ears and don't have an ear piercing gun.

How can I pierce my own ear without it hurting?

i pierced both my ears by myself and i used ice and kept it on there until it was numb and i couldnt feel it then i got a sewing needle and pressed it where i wanted it pierced then moved it away a... Read More »

How to Pierce an American Girl Doll's Ears Without Pay?

American Girl You can decorate your doll by adding earrings.Some American Girl dolls come with their ears pierced, while other doll owners pay to have their dolls' ears pierced at American Girl Pla... Read More »