How can girls join army after graduation?

Answer The same way that boys can, just go talk to your local recruiter. The best bet is to join before graduation, since there's a bonus of 1000 a month up to 12 months if you sign before graduation. The... Read More »

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Can girls join the Pakistan army?

Can an army retiree join the army reserves?

Yes. If you have had prior military service, you may be eligible to join the Army Reserve after meeting certain requirements. Enlistees may be no older than 39 and must be healthy and in good physi... Read More »

You want to join Indian army how can you join?

I would like to join the Indian Army .I submit application for NDA but this was rejected for the correction. now how we get the application form

Why join the people join the army?

People want to join the Army because they may like shooting and being in wars and helping people saving their lives from the others.They wanto to have a good experience in their army career and may... Read More »