How can getting male fetus?

Answer You can't, it just happens

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When does a fetus become male or female?

While a fetus's sex is chromosomally set at conception, the external sex organs may not be distinguishable until the end of the first trimester. Discovery of the gender may occur via ultrasound as ... Read More »

Is it ok for a 16 year old male to see a 12 year old bestfriends male body naked Only swimming dares getting changed etc?

Well they are the same sex, male, so it would be okay for the 16 year old to see a 12 year old best friends body naked if it can't be advoided. If it was female to male then I would advise not to h... Read More »

I have man boobs and getting fat (male)?

Skating isn't the reason you are getting fat, it is probably your feeding your muscles. I'm assuming speed skating, the diet is expected to be larged portions but it shouldn't be filled with bad fo... Read More »

Why a 7 month old fetus has more chance to survive after premature delivery than an 8 months old fetus?

Answer well since i been doing research on fetuses, my girlfriend is pregnant i believe that a 7 month old fetus can survive preterm birth because of development, so does the 8 month old fetus, but... Read More »