How can get Internet Explorer on my computer again?

Answer Just download Firefox.It's safer, much better, looks better.

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HELP ME PLEASE! Internet Explorer is not different on my computer?

Hi not matts gurl, The desktop version of Internet Explorer 10 (available for Windows 7 and Windows 8) retains the user interface (UI) of Internet Explorer 9 with minor refinements, such as removin... Read More »

How do you get internet explorer back on my computer?

Either you explicitly removed it, and you can say good bye to your old bookmarks.Or more likely you accepted that Firefox became your default browser, and all html pages open with FF. But IE is sti... Read More »

How do I install internet explorer on my computer?

there is absouletely no way IE wasnt installed on your computer. it is a part of base software for windows. it is so highly integrated into the operating system, that there is no way you cant have it.

How do I get Internet Explorer 8 back on my computer?

hear me out- before u say u did this: EVERYONE seems to hate it. Most people think that IE9 is a program, thus can be removed from add/remove programs...WRONG. IE9 is an update. here is what u need... Read More »