How can focus groups be used to generate ideas?

Answer A focus group, or qualitative research gathering, can be utilized to help generate opinions, feelings, beliefs and attitudes toward a certain prompt, idea or product. Used carefully, a focus group ... Read More »

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What Are Focus Groups Used For?

Focus groups collect information about specific questions that are designed to gain insight into a particular area of a business or organization. It is a way to identify concerns and what is needed... Read More »

Are focus groups legitimate?

On One Hand: The Real OnesAccording to, there are legitimate focus groups. In a focus group, you will spend 20 minutes to five hours answering surveys, questions and giving your opini... Read More »

Why are focus groups important?

Focus groups are a marketing and research tool. Consumers are brought together to discuss specific products or services. The marketing professionals can observe the group dynamic and see body langu... Read More »

How to Join Focus Groups?

The focus group is a market research tool that companies use to plan, market or evaluate products or services. Manufacturers, service providers, educational institutions and ad agencies are among t... Read More »