How can find android phone by imei number?

Answer If you are using an Android phone, have connected it to a Google Account and are saving your contacts on your Google Account, then you can simply reset/reformat/reprogram your phone. Once you conne... Read More »

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How do find the phone number and name of a person using a particular Cingular cell phone if you have the SIM and IMEI numbers?

How to Find the IMEI Number on a Mobile Phone?

Having your cell phone or tablet stolen is not just a bad day at the zoo, it potentially compromises your safety and security. Thanks to the FCC (back in the age of the dinosaurs, the early '80s), ... Read More »

How to Find an IMEI Number on a Nokia Phone?

International Mobile Equipment Identity number (IMEI) is a unique number that is specifically associated with each GSM and UMTS cell phones. This number helps you identify your phone if it gets sto... Read More »

What is the IMEI number used for on an iPhone and/or any phone?

The IMEI number is a number, usually unique, is used to identify many mobile phones. It is usually found printed inside the battery compartment of the phone. It can also be displayed on the screen ... Read More »