How can fast foods make you obese?

Answer The low price and heavy advertising associated with fast food have made it a large part of the American diet, according to The low health value of fast food makes it a major fa... Read More »

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How do i become obese fast?

Why do processed foods make me sick and natural foods make me feel better?

Processed foods have far too much salt and sugar in them. They have to think of different names for sugars so they can list them separately- like corn syrup .These raise blood pressure and blood su... Read More »

What is the origin of fast foods?

The White Castle restaurant chain is generally regarded as the originator of fast food. The burger restaurant was established in Wichita, Kansas, in 1921 and quickly opened chain restaurants in Mil... Read More »

Why does eating "junk food" and processed foods and "Fatty foods" make one feel apathetic over time?

Hi. Well the main reason to eat food is to gain nutrients. It takes great bodily energy to digest and move food through the body, if the food fails to nourish as it passes through, then cells canno... Read More »