How can farmers protect their livestock from wolves?

Answer Wolves are prevalent in the western United States and are known to prey on livestock. However, there are ways that farmers can protect their livestock from these predators.HuntingThe Endangered Spe... Read More »

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How to Find A Dog or Animal to Protect Your Sheep or Livestock?

Animals that protect sheep and livestock are commonly known as livestock guardian animals. Used for centuries in Asia and Europe, guardian animals are now becoming popular in the United States. Dog... Read More »

How to Become a Livestock Judge in Minnesota?

Livestock judging is both an occupation and competitive sport. Judges are highly trained in evaluating breeds and characteristics of cattle, horses, sheep, poultry and more. Livestock judging teams... Read More »

How to Transport Livestock in Sub-Zero Temperatures?

Proper transportation preparation is critical when transporting livestock in sub-zero temperatures. Whether livestock is being transported for harvesting or for winter relocation, practicing safe t... Read More »

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