How can farmers protect their livestock from wolves?

Answer Wolves are prevalent in the western United States and are known to prey on livestock. However, there are ways that farmers can protect their livestock from these predators.HuntingThe Endangered Spe... Read More »

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How to Find A Dog or Animal to Protect Your Sheep or Livestock?

Animals that protect sheep and livestock are commonly known as livestock guardian animals. Used for centuries in Asia and Europe, guardian animals are now becoming popular in the United States. Dog... Read More »

How Gray Wolves Take Care of Their Children?

Gray wolves are social creatures that live in packs, with each member responsible for helping with the care and upbringing of their young. The pack includes one dominant male and female, their prev... Read More »

Does a mother protect their children from an abusive partner?

Not usually. In most cases, the mother is far too frightened of the abuser to try and protect her children. If she does attempt to, the abuser would become more enraged that she is not under his co... Read More »

What characteristic of ampalaya plants protect them from their enemies?