How can condo community living be improved?

Answer A condominium community is a private democracy. Its operations are directed by a set of governing documents, including the CC&Rs, By-laws and Board Resolutions. Owners vote to elect a board of dire... Read More »

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Does the board of a gated community have the right to tell the condo owners they cannot park in the extra parking spaces even though they OWN the condo and PAY to live there?

Your question sounds like you feel entitled to whatever you want in the gated community, regardless of what's included in the governing documents about what you own and what you own with everyone. ... Read More »

Is health issue of an owner in condo community allow the exception in condo cc and r in CA?

Conditions, covenants, regulations and restrictions (CC&Rs) are the 'constitution' for the private democracy called a condominium community. When an purchaser buys into such a community, the purch... Read More »

What is required federal and state for changing a condo community to a 55 and older community in ct?

Best practices indicate that you will be best advised by an attorney in response to this question. Details you'll need to assemble for your first meeting include: Copies of all governing documentsA... Read More »

My condo community has decided to put new siding on your homes and if I dont?

Read your governing documents to determine who owns the siding. If it is owned by the community, and the community has voted to install new siding on the homes, then you can step back and watch: th... Read More »