How can computers fit into such small compartments like an iphone?

Answer California, if you look on the back of any iphone or ipod it says its been designed in California and assembled in china since first gen ipods.

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Can small notebook computers do word processing?

Small notebook computers, including sub-notebooks and netbooks, are perfectly capable of word processing. However, the small keyboards of these devices are hard for some to type on. In addition, th... Read More »

In a small network of computers, I only get an internet connection in one of them. What could be the problem?

You have to connect the input from your internet provider to one computer. Then connect that computer with another ethernet card to the switch. Connect all other computers to the switch.Make the in... Read More »

By what are compartments in train held?

Clarify. Do you need to know how the two coaches (compartments) are coupled?Indian Railway Coaches are of Broad Gauge, Metre Gauge, Narrow Gague.There are different type of couplings used to connec... Read More »

How to Paint Engine Compartments?

After years of heat, moisture and dirt, the paint in an engine compartment tends to fade or even flake off. Painting an engine compartment is not only for looks, but also for practical reasons. Pai... Read More »