How can coffee grounds be used as fertilizer?

Answer Coffee grounds contain substantial nitrogen and potassium, both important for plant growth. They also includes many other trace minerals and carbohydrates. This also makes it a good fertilizer. Bu... Read More »

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Are used, coffee grounds good for fertilizer on green foliage plants?

A lab test analysis showed that: "the grounds provide generous amounts of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and copper.They also release nitrogen into the soil as they degrade."Nitrogen is great fo... Read More »

Can coffee grounds be used as a soil conditioner?

Coffee grounds are an acceptable material to help form garden compost. Grounds shouldn’t be thrown directly into planting soil but added to a compost barrel or container. It takes at least two mo... Read More »

Can coffee grounds be used to fertilize plants?

Coffee grounds can be used as compost material, fertilizer, or mulch. So they can be applied to the surface, or mixed with the below ground soil. Compost used as fertilizer tends to be applied at t... Read More »

How to Burn Used Coffee Grounds for Mosquito Repellent?

Reusing coffee grounds offers benefits from fertilizing plants to repelling mosquitoes. Coffee grounds have a smoldering effect after you light them that keeps insects at bay. Also, reusing coffee ... Read More »