How can children be educated about cancer?

Answer I would go to either your local bookstore or library and get a book or two that are written at her level. I found some on the internet that I think may be helpful. Butterfly Kisses and Wishes on W... Read More »

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Can children get cancer?

No one is safe from cancer, including newborn babies. My son has a rare abdominal childhood cancer that predominately strikes boys and young adults. It is a devastating disease that affects the ent... Read More »

Who works with cancer children?

for emergencies, yes. but when you're 11, who do you really need to call or text?

Can children get breast cancer?

On One Hand: Case of Breast Cancer in ChildrenDevelopment of breast tissue begins when a fetus is just six weeks old, which means that, technically speaking breast cancer is possible at any age. T... Read More »

Why cancer affectsbeautiful children?

Cancer does not pick and choose who it gets based on their looks, personality or whatever. Why did it choose to take my husband away? No one deserves to have any kind of cancer.