How can bullying be solved?

Answer i have been through this and so have allot more people than you realise. you have to tell someone a teacher or a friend/family it needs to be sorted out. Someone needs to talk to the bully and fin... Read More »

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How to Get a Cold Case Solved?

A cold case is a crime, usually violent, that was never solved and which the police are no longer actively investigating. Cold cases are major crimes such as rape or murder that are not subject to ... Read More »

You can solved my constipation problem?

1) More hydration - drink more water.2) More fiber - eat more vegetables, whole grains, and fruit (quantity in that order).Problem solved (hopefully). If you do 1 without 2, you will not relieve yo... Read More »

Who solved the riddle of the sphinx?

Oedipus solved the riddle of the sphinx. The sphinx guarded the gates of Thebes, posing riddles to travelers as they tried to pass. If the traveler gave an incorrect answer, the sphinx killed him. ... Read More »

10 points to whom ever can help me get this computer problem solved?