How can art be political?

Answer Artwork can be political in obvious and non-obvious ways. An artist may make a piece of art depicting a political figure, or may be commissioned to do a portrait or caricature of a political figure... Read More »

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How to Be Political?

You could end up here!Being political can be exciting and keep you connected to your government. There are many ways to be political, so read on!

Value of Political Buttons?

As with other collectibles, the biggest factor in the value of campaign buttons is how highly other collectors prize them. Determining the value of your political buttons is more difficult than app... Read More »

How to Become a Political Commentator?

It is possible to become a political commentator in just one day. The bigger challenge is becoming successful at it. Anybody with an opinion and Internet access can begin commenting on political af... Read More »

What is a fat cat in political terms?

In politics, the term "fat cat" refers to someone who is wealthy and contributes to political campaigns. The term can also mean someone who is privileged or someone who is complacent.Source:Merriam... Read More »