How can anencephaly be cured?

Answer Anencephaly means having "no brain", quite literally. It is a congenital (genetic) condition whereby most of the brain and spinal cord is missing from an infant, and what part of the brain is prese... Read More »

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Can hydrocephalus be cured?

The prognosis depends on the type and severity of hydrocephalus.

Can scoliosis be cured?

There are no medications to treat scoliosis, and scoliosis cannot be prevented. However, there are ways to correct the spinal curvature and to prevent any curvature increase. The main types of trea... Read More »

Can AML leukemia be cured?

Acute myelogenous leukemia is a cancer that attacks the bone marrow and the blood. It most often affects older men. Like all cancers, treatment depends on the disease's severity and the patient's o... Read More »

How to Can Cured Olives?

Olives are cured by soaking the olives in a solution of water, salt, vinegar and, occasionally, lye. Curing olives helps them become pickled, but it does not protect them against bacteria that can ... Read More »