How can an unborn baby contract pneumonia?

Answer That sounds like Ketotosis to me he is dehydrated

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Can a fetus contract pneumonia?

Yes, a fetus can have congenital pneumonia. One type would be early-onset GBS (group B strep) disease, which can develop into pneumonia. It is what took my own child's life.

Can i take a baby outdoors with pneumonia?

Obviously you're old enough to write about this, so I would strongly suggest you go to your aunt and ask to be taken to a doctor. This could be a medical problem you have no control over. Humiliati... Read More »

Can a baby catch pneumonia?

If your baby got a fever you should take him/her to the doctor so that they can provide some type of medicine for it.

My baby girl has pneumonia! Help me please.?

Oh my that is horrible I hate when babies are sick!! Honestly if it were my daughter I would just drive her into town no matter how far it was and take her into the ER. Pneumonia is very serious fo... Read More »