How can an intovert teen get along with a family of extroverts?

Answer By being themselves and accepting others for who they are. If you're introverted, that's alright. You can be that way and still get along with the more outgoing type. Just understand that they ar... Read More »

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How to Get Along With Your Family?

Have you ever told a joke to your family,maybe? Have they everlaughed at that joke? Have you tried to be nice, but they don't notice your kind deed? These steps for helping you get along with your ... Read More »

How do you get along with family members who live a totally different lifestyle?

Try to be interested in their hobbies. See what you have in common and if you don't, spend some time doing what each family member likes to do the most.

Am adopted an cant get along with your adoptive family can you get readopted?

Yes, it is possible to get re-adopted. If the child faces problems, abuse, privacy being invaded, rights not being met they can protest and get their social service worker to either fix the problem... Read More »

Along with my family we want to go to nainital please sujjest budjet hotels.?

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