How can an inmate get a divorce if a spouse won't sign papers?

Answer Despite incarceration, an inmate can file for divorce relying on resources in the institutional law library and the U.S. mail. An inmate can proceed and obtain a divorce even if his spouse refuses ... Read More »

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What Can Be Done If a Spouse Doesn't Sign the Divorce Papers?

Divorce papers outline the conditions of the divorce set forth by a spouse and their lawyer. However, the legal ramifications for a divorce process are complicated when one spouse refuses to sign d... Read More »

Can You Refuse to Sign Divorce Papers?

Anyone can refuse to sign divorce papers, but this will only delay the inevitable. Divorce papers might be refused because someone does not agree with the stipulations of the agreement. If compromi... Read More »

How long do you have to sign divorce papers?

Divorce law allows 30 days, after the serving of the papers to the other party, for the papers to be signed and returned. After the 30 days, the issuing party proceeds with a contested divorce case... Read More »

Do both parties have to sign divorce papers?

Both parties do not have to sign the divorce papers. If you don't sign, you can appear before the judge in a contested divorce, or not appear, and the courts will award the divorce as uncontested.S... Read More »