How can an iPhone be fixed if dropped in water?

Answer Yes, go to Settings, Mail, Contacts, Calendar then in the mail section there is a Signature option.

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I dropped my digital camera in the water, can it be fixed?

Well the important thing to know is never NEVER! turn a camera on when it is wet. See any electronics can survive water. If a camera was dropped in water while it was turned off then it will be ok... Read More »

Can a cell phone be fixed after be dropped into water briefly?

yea, what the first answerer said, and we know it was you

How can you fix your iPhone 3g has dropped in water?

Send it to Apple Company and they will replace it (unless if it has been jailbroken)

Dropped my mom's iPhone in water?

It is almost certainly dead!As you CAN'T remove an iPhone battery which is the most essential thing you do do, rice will not workIt may have signs of life but water and the battery STILL being in t... Read More »