How can an employer prevent discrimination?

Answer When it comes to hiring, termination, promoting, disciplining or testing employees for substance abuse, employers are prevented from using a form of discrimination. An employer found guilty of work... Read More »

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Employer Discrimination Against Ex-Offenders?

Nothing earns a faster trip to the trash can than an ex-offender's application acknowledging a criminal history. Even after paying their societal dues, ex-offenders still face numerous economic pun... Read More »

What to Expect as an Employer When Facing a Discrimination Lawsuit?

Employers named as defendants in discrimination lawsuits face a lengthy, time-consuming process even if the case never makes it to a jury trial. Nevertheless, coordination of evidence between your ... Read More »

If my employer withhold my disability benefit I am entitled to is that discrimination?

No. There is no possible method in which your employer can withhold this. The Government is the governing body for disability insurance. They issue checks for disability. If you are trying to get ... Read More »

Will there be any lapse in coverage if your old employer and new employer use the same insurance company?

%DETAILS% Answer When did your old plan end? When does your new plan start? Do you have the SAME plan with the Insurance Company. That is, one might be HMO the other PPO, etc.If you were given a... Read More »