How can a wife be more romantic?

Answer The cliche that husbands need to constantly romance their wives is beginning to fall to the wayside. In order for a relationship to remain healthy and for love to continue to grow, wives also need ... Read More »

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Sentimental & Romantic Gifts for Your Wife?

Giving your wife a thoughtful gift is a wonderful way to show her you care or to celebrate a special occasion. If you can make it both romantic and sentimental, then that's even better. She'll appr... Read More »

Looking to make a romantic meal for my ex wife?

OMG not tripe..she hates tripe!!really really hates it!!*gags a little*

How to Plan a Romantic Dinner at Home for Your Wife?

Planning a romantic dinner basically depends on creativity. But, more important is how well you know your wife.

What is somthing I could make for a romantic dinner with my wife?

Whatever her favorite is. For instance - My husband cooks stuffed chicken breast and it is heavenly. Very easy recipe, and the stuffing is stove top. But it's my favorite thing that he makes and... Read More »