How can a thirteen year old make money?

Answer Thirteen-year-old kids can have it rough. Going shopping, watching movies and buying video games can get expensive, and parents do not always want to pay for it. They are too young to hold a part-t... Read More »

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How a Thirteen-Year-Old Can Raise Money?

Although the rules vary by circumstance, the U.S. Department of Labor generally sets the legal working age at 14 years. Even then, the number of hours a minor can work is limited. If, however, your... Read More »

What do thirteen-year-old girls that are blond like for their birthday but they already have an IPod and hate make up?

you should get them a c.d or somthing form arocrombie and fitch or areopasle and American eagle she will love that

Thirteen year old?

Yes.But only a little bit.Mascara, eyeliner and lip gloss is enough. on a thirteen year old?

Most people I know started wearing makeup when they were 14. I don't see why the rush so soon. But if you do decide to wear makeup, make it look natural.