How can a pregnancy affect a teenager's health?

Answer Answer When a person is pregnant the toll it puts on your body in vast. Hormones change, bodily fluid levels change, people become anemic from change of blood, veins swell because of the extra blo... Read More »

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How does television affect teenagers?

His name is Diego. Yes, he is the cousin of Dora.In one of the episodes Dora says "We'll be going on an adventure with my cousin, Diego."

How Does Acne Affect Teenagers?

Volkswagen products are similarly designed. Just as in the Jetta, the Passat has the turn signal and hazard flasher relay coupled into one unit. Although this makes repairs potentially more expensi... Read More »

Does the health of your mouth affect your health overall?

Yes it has been Proved that it can affect your Heart if you have bad Rotten Teeth ,you can eventually end up with Heart Trouble. So at the very Least Clean your Teeth a couple of Times a Day.

Does physical health affect mental health more than mental health affect physical?

No, quite ther contrary. Although physical health does effect mental health, mental health almost completely effects physical health.