How can a nursing mother help her baby's dry skin?

Answer she can put baby lotiona nursing mother can take a positive diet of more vegetables and fruits. add fruits and vegetables with vit c. this with proper guidance. also keep away from smoking or in a ... Read More »

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Can a babys life be endangered by suckling on a pregnant mother?

Probably tachypneic, which is excessively rapid respiration.

What are some bad things that can happen to a babys body because of the mother being to young?

I don't know how young of a mother you're referring too but if the mother is say under 16 the biggest risk isn't to the child but to herself. Most girls are done growing at age 16 and their bodies ... Read More »

What skin disease would cause a large red raised bump to appear on a babys cheeks?

Can Capstar be given to a nursing mother?

Capstar is a versatile flea & tick treatment because it works quickly and can be given to almost every dog or cat. It is safe and effective for pregnant and nursing mothers, mostly because it is sa... Read More »