How can a not computer savvy person start a blog?

Answer just go here, seriously:http://www.howtostartablog.comPlus an awesome support forum: luck!

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How can I place my pictures in my computer Sorry not Computer savvy~?

You can use a digital camera to take pics and upload them, or you can buy a scanner and scan them in. HP has the best stuff around with reasonable prices.

Can some technology-savvy people help me out with a computer question?

Its good advice I do mine each year as an when my antivirus comes up for renewal. What you should do is save all your personal files that you wish to keep, letters, photo’s and copy them to a mem... Read More »

Antivirus pro 2009 virus! the computer savvy please read!?

This is a very bad, nasty infection. This is a fraudulent Security program that has many different names. AntiVirus 2008, AntiVirus 2009, AntiSpyware 2008, AntiSpyware 2009, Win AntiVirus XP 2008, ... Read More »

When I push my CPU button to start my computer, a beep sound continues, but my computer doesn't start. Kindly?

Chesk about power .... or change the power of you're computer to 110v if it is 220v ... and obisite