How can a neurologist help you get disability for migraines?

Answer According to WebMD, about 28 million Americans experience migraine headaches. Some people suffer migraines so frequently and severely that they cannot work. If you need to apply for disability du... Read More »

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Do I need to see a Neurologist Or is it my just my stress very important,Help?

Dear Vikram, I suggest you to give some rest to your mind go on vacation with your family don't think any think just enjoy stopped doing work and for better results consult neurologist if possible.

Migraines HELP?

there is stuff you can do, but you need to be evaluated by a doc, and possibly a neurologist. if you don't have insurance, try a county hospital. there really has been new drugs developed that ma... Read More »

MIGRAINES!!!!!plz help me?

i heard that limes help, never actually tried it though.....head on?

Can sex help relieve migraines?