How can a moving car become charged?

Answer A car can become charged while moving due to a device in the engine called an alternator, which generates electricity by spinning magnets within a wire coil.FunctionAn alternator works on the simpl... Read More »

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Can a neutron become charged?

The lack of charge on a neutron can be temporarily altered when identifying isotopes of an element, through the use of a neutron detector. The detector converts the neutrons of an atom into charged... Read More »

Any tips on moving house moving checklist I am moving in month to our own flat and don't know what to do!?

Go to your local corner shop and ask if you can have their empty crisp boxes . . . perfect size to pack things in . . . not to big and not too heavy to carry when full.

Does the interest charged by credit card companies become part of the principle?

Your minimum monthly payment on a credit card balance covers two things: the interest accrued on your balance that month and a portion of the balance of your credit card. Since you're paying off th... Read More »

Does the interest charged by credit card companies become part of the principal?

If you do not make a payment, or the payment does not at least equal the amount of interest charged on your credit card balance, any unpaid interest will be added to the principal balance of the ac... Read More »