How can a mother's depression affect her children's childhood and adulthood?

Answer BANSWER ENSWERIt can really affect not only her children, but her husband, family members and also herself. Children learn from their parents, so any bad habits a depressed person has such as sitti... Read More »

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What other famous person excluding Oprah Winfrey had s bad childhood and a great adulthood?

Oprah Winfrey always beleived that she would be something. She never gave up. When her Grandma told her that she would be like herself, a laundry cleaner with no real job or purpose, Oprah didnt ac... Read More »

What are the causes of childhood depression?

Depression is not mere sadness or the blues; it's a serious medical condition that can affect children and adolescents and requires treatment. Depression impairs a person's ability to function full... Read More »

What is childhood depression?

The Nemours Foundation reports that approximately 17 million U.S. residents suffer from depression, the most widespread mental illness in the country. According to the American Academy of Child & A... Read More »

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