How can a mother lose custody of a minor in Texas?

Answer If she has been found to be an unfit parent. See the related question for factors a court uses to judge a parent to be unfit.

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Could a military member whose dependent mother is helping care for two female children lose custody simply because the mother wants physical custody?

Answer You should have fought for sole custody of your children from the beginning. If the mother of the children has had visitation rights and is a fit mother, yes, she can fight you for the righ... Read More »

Can custody be signed over to the maternal grandmother through the courts by a mother who has sole legal and physical custody of a minor child without the father's consent?

Answer If you have sole custody of your child then the court system saw fit to leave the father out of the custody decision. Therefore, you have every legal right to see a lawyer, go through the c... Read More »

In Texas when the child's mother dies does the joint custody father get custody?

Properly, yes, however there can be complications. If the mother names some other person guardianship, the father could be facing an expensive custody challenge. This issue should be clarified in t... Read More »

Can state authorities legally remove a 16-year-old from their mother's custody if the minor child objects to the action?

Answer Yes, if conditions exist that show the mother is an unfit parent, the child is being neglected, abused or in anyway physically or emotionally endangered.It is irrelevant whether the 16-year... Read More »