How can a mother get her kids back after losing them because of drugs?

Answer If a mother can stay clean from drugs for a year or more; have a decent job; live in a decent environment and provide for a child properly then she can go to court to at least go for joint custody ... Read More »

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Can a parent get custody back after losing it because of drug or child abuse?

That fully depends on the circumstances of the case. There are too many variables to even guess. Personally, I've seen it happen, even when the parent gave the child to the drug dealer as a deposit... Read More »

If the father has primary custody of his kids and is not responsible for them is there a chance that the mother can get them back?

Answer Only if the mother can prove repeatedly that the father is not responsible. Answer Our custody case is in FL and our lawyer told us that when my husband deploys with the military that his ch... Read More »

What happens if the child protective services takes kids away from a parent Can they get them back What if the single parent is on drugs Will the kids be safe from the parent?

child services would not let the parent have their kid back because that kid could die because of their parents

Can a ex con get custody of his kids if the mother is on drugs and neglecting the kids?

Answer It depends what you spent time in prison for and if you rehibilitated yourself and can get a job, have a decent place to raise your children and then go to court and see if you can have cust... Read More »