How can a minor get married with out parental consent in Michigan?

Answer By growing up and not be a minor anymore. Or get emancipated.

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Can a pregnant minor get married without parental consent in Ohio?

AnswerIt depends in which state you live in if you can give me a state i could tell you ill cheack back later and see if you've answered this thanks 4 everything AnswerThere are three states that ... Read More »

What forms does a minor need in Arizona if they want to get married and have parental consent and where do you get these forms?

Answer The county clerk at the court house can provide you the form(s). The required consent is probably on the actual application for a marriage licence. If you are 16 or 17 years old, you must... Read More »

Is there any way to get married in Mississippi at age 16 without parental consent?

%REPLIES% Answer Unless the state statutes have changed, and in my opinion they should be...The age of consent to marry for a girl is 15 and a boy is 17..go figure!Being married is not a recreation... Read More »

If you are 18 and your boyfriend is 16 where can you go to get married without parental consent?

There is no place in the US (or North America) that you can get married without parental consent at an age younger than 18. And its for a reason. way too young and naive at that age no matter how ... Read More »