How can a husband take away your son from his mother?

Answer Answer All he needs to do is convince the court that the mother is "unfit", meaning that she is menatally unstable, participates in dangerous or illegal behavior or is otherwise a threat to the sa... Read More »

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If the mother leaves her child and husband and the husband takes over the care of the child who has legal rights to that child and does the father have to pay child support to the mother?

Answer If a mother leaves her children in her husbands care and leaves the marital home then he owes her no child support. In fact she owes him child support. They have joint custody of the childr... Read More »

How can you prove if husband's mother in law and wife's mother in law are daugter and mother to each other?

Your father's sister is your aunt and her husband is your uncle.

What does your mother call her husband's sister's husband?

Your mother's husband's sister is your mother's sister-in-law. Her sister-in-law's husband is not related to your mother, but is her husband's brother-in-law. The most common ways of referring to ... Read More »

What rights does the father have against a mother who gets partial SSD for their child from ex husband's SSD and the mother and her boyfriend have no license to meet halfway when living 3 hrs away?

The father has no right to supervise the mother's lifestyle, SSD or no.